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ソフトウェア「ESPEC Graph」更新のお知らせ

ESPEC Graph Ver.1.17.1で発生した以下の不具合を修正しました。 ・THERMO RECORDER DATA


・新しいバージョンのMicrosoft Visual Studio C++

2015-2019(x64)がインストールされているとMicrosoft Visual Studio C++



・Fixed a problem that occurred when downloading files from THERMO RECORDER DATA SERVER with the "Merge Channels" option enabled. If data with overlapping times were included, a problem was fixed where a duplicate piece of data could be inserted in the merged part.

・Fixed a problem where Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015-2019 (x86) could not be installed if a newer version of Microsoft Visual Studio C++

2015-2019 (x64) was installed.


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